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THE BRAND NEW RULELESS First Owner ROAD TO GLORY AROUND MARCO REUS! Episode 23 for ICON SWAPS, FREEZE PROMO + SOME INSANE PACKS! This will most likely be a First Owner RTG, so this should be absolutely mental!
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  1. **


    3 maanden geleden

    Use your oyarzabal POTM for la liga objectives instead of dembele

  2. JC 714

    JC 714

    3 maanden geleden

    Is that mkhitaryan under Henry

  3. Tayler Boddington

    Tayler Boddington

    3 maanden geleden

    I got hazard freeze card in 85+ in icon swaps

  4. Da Gamerz

    Da Gamerz

    4 maanden geleden

    My mans teaching me more German than my school 😂

  5. Hayden Thomas

    Hayden Thomas

    4 maanden geleden

    You should be able to buy 1 new player a week later

  6. Slime_009


    4 maanden geleden

    Hey mate if your doing the bolasie objective try stick Adama traore instead of Dan James he is a best and really fast if it put the rating up forget about if I’m just giving you a good idea!

  7. Moc Llywelyn

    Moc Llywelyn

    4 maanden geleden

    Omg reev watches pieface what a legend my respect for reev went 📈📈

  8. Ali Dashty

    Ali Dashty

    4 maanden geleden

    FFS i never heard him say bunda man but know i cant unhear it FFS

  9. Lewis Barnard

    Lewis Barnard

    4 maanden geleden


  10. Kalos


    4 maanden geleden

    I did my icon swaps base icon pack and got base blanc worth 1.2 million big W

  11. Renegade steals yo girl

    Renegade steals yo girl

    4 maanden geleden

    Anybody else realise that the freeze sane has 45 jumping😳

  12. TTVLewy 3183

    TTVLewy 3183

    4 maanden geleden

    In fifa 22 do a Alphonso Davies to glory

  13. Glenn Couser

    Glenn Couser

    4 maanden geleden

    You look more like Ben mee than you do to reus!

    • Glenn Couser

      Glenn Couser

      4 maanden geleden

      @REEV just thought I'd say! For those "followers" or even fifa bingo video you do with others with the NLcameras lookalike they say you look like marco reus! 😂😂

    • REEV


      4 maanden geleden

      Never said I look like reus lad

  14. MultiGamer _HD

    MultiGamer _HD

    4 maanden geleden

    Do the Marquinhos sbc and take Koeman from icon swaps, begin the game with Marquinhos at cdm/cm and Koeman at cb, and then just swap them in-game

  15. David Gospic

    David Gospic

    4 maanden geleden

    This is my favorite series i hope this will continue in the next fifa 🤩😀

  16. Football Bro’s

    Football Bro’s

    4 maanden geleden

    Shall I do Hagi in icon swaps or something else up to 11 tokens

  17. ItzLobo


    4 maanden geleden

    Reev you need to get the Dortmund blackout kit

    • ItzLobo


      4 maanden geleden

      @REEV my bad I just thought it looked cool🤣

    • REEV


      4 maanden geleden

      The one that I used all last series? 😂

  18. Chelsea Fc

    Chelsea Fc

    4 maanden geleden

    How tf is your luck so good I don’t get any walkouts and when I do it’s fucking Alejandro Gomez or matts hummels 😪

  19. Baillie Borman

    Baillie Borman

    4 maanden geleden

    Get that monstrosity off your top lip

  20. Muhammad Hamza Olgar

    Muhammad Hamza Olgar

    4 maanden geleden

    Your my favourite youtuber and when are you and Simon doing another vid together

  21. Flexyzツ


    4 maanden geleden

    I’m not joking I got champions league rtf navas and only sold for 44k in online draft

  22. Ben Robertson

    Ben Robertson

    4 maanden geleden

    Get freeze hazard

  23. Joseph Hemsley

    Joseph Hemsley

    4 maanden geleden

    Are you doing 83+x25 in icon swaps

  24. Dr Prajkta Deore

    Dr Prajkta Deore

    4 maanden geleden

    Dortmund have sacked their head coach Favre, what impact do you it will have on this series

  25. Julie Cochrane

    Julie Cochrane

    4 maanden geleden

    i packed Cristiano Ronaldo

  26. Panda Wu

    Panda Wu

    4 maanden geleden

    You should save up on foda since fifa is bringing a man utd freeze card out so it might bring some quality to your team 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Martin Crowe

    Martin Crowe

    4 maanden geleden

    why didn't u get moments? Depay [i support lyon]

  28. Dr. Scatter

    Dr. Scatter

    4 maanden geleden

    Ma mate did the 83+ pack got inform lopez vvd freeze sane handanovic and Atalanta Gomez

  29. Tsimafei Tsykunou

    Tsimafei Tsykunou

    4 maanden geleden

    Absolute sausage he is 🤣

  30. William O’Leary

    William O’Leary

    4 maanden geleden

    Reev i did the 25 x83 and I got freeze thorgon hazard ,kroos , dimaria ,sangho ,Suarez and like 5 85s and loads of 84s it sorted me out for dada

  31. Alex Whitfield

    Alex Whitfield

    4 maanden geleden

    Anyone else’s pack luck been insane with the ucl upgrades? Earlier I packed vid and Alison within 3 packs

  32. Caleb Jones

    Caleb Jones

    4 maanden geleden

    When this man says sausages at the start of the vid u know its gonna be a massive banger

  33. Thomas O'Shea

    Thomas O'Shea

    4 maanden geleden

    U shud let other people score goals for the bolaise objective and they'll let u score to get the 4 goals outside of the box

  34. Adam Jenkins

    Adam Jenkins

    4 maanden geleden

    The x25 83+ pack is insane I packed 2 freeze cards and 7 walkouts great pack, keep up the good work reev 👍

  35. benjamin D'Arro

    benjamin D'Arro

    4 maanden geleden

    I wonder if reev have actually read any of my comments

  36. JCplayz


    4 maanden geleden

    for the 83+ pack doing the math: I think there is a 75% chance of a walkout, a 0.075% chance of all being walkouts, 42% chance of three Walkout,a 23% chance of 5 walkouts and a 56% chance of getting two walkouts

  37. Ross Mckay

    Ross Mckay

    4 maanden geleden

    Love the vids keep it up mate

  38. B01games


    4 maanden geleden

    Hey reev love the series mate keep it up, I got a suggestion for icon swaps u should chose the 83x25 pack it’s really good to get players who fit ur team and some fodder

  39. Lesego Tshaka

    Lesego Tshaka

    4 maanden geleden

    Do youtubers actually graft the friendlies for content ? If not why don’t you just cheat your way through them ?

    • REEV


      4 maanden geleden

      Cheat your way through them? How would you even do that

  40. Junge


    4 maanden geleden

    i got Auba in 85+ x 5

  41. Bertie Lane

    Bertie Lane

    4 maanden geleden

    If you click on news go to item release u can get the new players up

  42. Tank4s


    4 maanden geleden

    Do the 83+ and the 85+ for 8 tokens , worste case scenario - you get bunch of fodder in your club

  43. Cheater Samurai

    Cheater Samurai

    4 maanden geleden

    I genuinely think you can play coman anywhere but the wings

  44. Books!


    4 maanden geleden

    Reev when he gets 87 immobile: meh. I guess that's ok for fodder. Reev when he gets 83 acerbi: oh my god! What an amazing fodder!

  45. Tom Howarth

    Tom Howarth

    4 maanden geleden

    Reev: Immobile? Me: No the other italian Lazio walkout striker

  46. Tom Howarth

    Tom Howarth

    4 maanden geleden

    If you do icon swaps get the loan marquinhos for ligue 1 if you dont want to use your fodda but otherwise just do him, hes insane

  47. Jose L. Cornejo

    Jose L. Cornejo

    4 maanden geleden

    reev if you’re curious on the 25 83+ packs Nick front Run the FUT Market has a video where he opens them

  48. devil damo

    devil damo

    4 maanden geleden

    reev plz read this and sort this out for me how the hell do u win a free kick and how do u take them i havent scored one yet plz help

  49. jordan phillips

    jordan phillips

    4 maanden geleden

    I keep meaning to join the gym but every time I go to there’s a lock down, really gutted about it, love from a fatty

  50. Tony Heffernan

    Tony Heffernan

    4 maanden geleden

    Opened my 83+ x25 pack and got van dijk and de bruyne in the pack

  51. Ramon Godinez

    Ramon Godinez

    4 maanden geleden

    What does Foder mean ? I hear Reev say it all the time 😂 cheers from America

  52. Penguin SWE

    Penguin SWE

    4 maanden geleden

    You believe you are lucky? I did base icon pack and got Eto’o

  53. Michael Montenegro

    Michael Montenegro

    4 maanden geleden

    Thank god reev clarified what mini Marco says cause i had “wonderful” in my head since this series began and never knew what it meant

  54. Lawrence


    4 maanden geleden

    Love this I’m German, a Dortmund fam and a fam of the series

  55. Adam Mennell

    Adam Mennell

    4 maanden geleden

    Yo reev I done the 85+ x 5 and got both fut freeze Bernardo silva and veratti plus normal Laporte , handanovic and keylor navas really lucky the silva card is so good , keep up the good work 🤜❤️

  56. Frank Cooke

    Frank Cooke

    4 maanden geleden

    Reev, how do you defend in FIFA 21?

  57. Liam Gaming

    Liam Gaming

    4 maanden geleden

    Reev I’ve watched Castro open loads of the ultimate packs and got nothing but when opening the 85+ x5 packs he got loads of gd walkouts plz do that pack instead of the ultimate packs. Ps plz like so reev can see

  58. Aidan Crielly

    Aidan Crielly

    4 maanden geleden

    I’m out injured from football rn and the gym is the only thing keeping me sane, so glad they never shut in Scotland

  59. It’s Yer boi

    It’s Yer boi

    4 maanden geleden

    Wait is his name Oliver

    • It’s Yer boi

      It’s Yer boi

      4 maanden geleden

      @REEV cool name my friend

    • REEV


      4 maanden geleden


  60. Kyle Griffin

    Kyle Griffin

    4 maanden geleden

    Bring back checklist challenge?

  61. Geoguessr Tom

    Geoguessr Tom

    4 maanden geleden

    I always wonder what my parents are thinking when they hear me listening to Reev...

  62. Hunta34


    4 maanden geleden

    Love the Vid!

  63. Tyler Thibodeaux

    Tyler Thibodeaux

    4 maanden geleden


  64. Tyler Thibodeaux

    Tyler Thibodeaux

    4 maanden geleden

    I pick hazard freeze he is insane

  65. Jason Zelaya

    Jason Zelaya

    4 maanden geleden

    The grind towards Bolasie is crazy it’s worth it though he sa greta card love the content bro support from LA😎

  66. Kaya Senturk

    Kaya Senturk

    4 maanden geleden

    Don’t forget to leave your games if you go 1-0 down in icon swaps. Gotta help out the community and plenty of people have done it for me for my games.



    4 maanden geleden


  68. shmet


    4 maanden geleden

    Did NLcameras remove the videopolls? 😥

  69. PRENCH 2904

    PRENCH 2904

    4 maanden geleden

    Me and Reev both said Vecino at the same time but Vecino is not even in these packs cause he is 80 rated😭😭

  70. GoldenGaming888


    4 maanden geleden

    this man's pack luck is INSANE

  71. Grace Buggle

    Grace Buggle

    4 maanden geleden

    Reev should do a squad builder

  72. King Blaze

    King Blaze

    4 maanden geleden

    I actually thought it was Bounda man😂😂😂

  73. Kyle Streeter

    Kyle Streeter

    4 maanden geleden

    Hey Reev would definitely recommend doing the 83+ x25 as it seems like they are really showing they're worth it

  74. Brian KTSA

    Brian KTSA

    4 maanden geleden

    Insane pack luck, more like normal pack luck for Reev

  75. Sameer


    4 maanden geleden

    Andy will do the Everton objective card and will have to discard him in sbsd

  76. Stanislas Louis Verney

    Stanislas Louis Verney

    4 maanden geleden

    Reev do marquinhos, I've done himand play him CB, his 94 long passing is just incredible to go from defense to attack in an instant

  77. ASDA


    4 maanden geleden

    The Spanish striker will be adama. Heard it here first

  78. Idiotic SK

    Idiotic SK

    4 maanden geleden

    Hi I really want the hazard if anyone packs him pls can you reply please please I am a broke noob

  79. WaterDuck


    4 maanden geleden

    Do the Maddison sbc

  80. Toby Howard

    Toby Howard

    4 maanden geleden

    Reev I’m the person you played in the first game! Sorry it was a bad half and can’t believe I played you! I had to go eat my takeaway that’s why I quit😂

    • Cool Beanz

      Cool Beanz

      4 maanden geleden

      Hope you enjoyed the takeaway ahahah

  81. Luke Ditchfield

    Luke Ditchfield

    4 maanden geleden

    Loving the content lately

  82. WZRD MODs


    4 maanden geleden


  83. Nogginthenog789


    4 maanden geleden

    RIP Mbappe to glory born at the start of fifa 21 ended when Reev has uploaded 6 R2G in a row

    • REEV


      4 maanden geleden

      I upload MTG once a week, I’ve already said that

  84. Daniel Gamer

    Daniel Gamer

    4 maanden geleden

    I have issues with my mental health and your videos make my day🙂

  85. VXilityy _

    VXilityy _

    4 maanden geleden

    Just packed freeze hazard. BVB luck Reev 🔥

  86. C B

    C B

    4 maanden geleden

    Reus for the boys!!!!! U need to say that!!!

  87. Lewis_thatgamer YT

    Lewis_thatgamer YT

    4 maanden geleden

    Should I be crieing myself to sleep because I packed an untradeable duplicate ronaldo

    • Julian Wills

      Julian Wills

      4 maanden geleden

      Dw ronaldo is a good fodder player

  88. NOT_DK_JK 123

    NOT_DK_JK 123

    4 maanden geleden

    Do u stream on twitch? I really want to watch u live!

    • REEV


      4 maanden geleden

      Nope, Facebook only

  89. Absolutely Fabregas

    Absolutely Fabregas

    4 maanden geleden

    Mini Marco sounds like Dr. Richtofen from COD Zombies!! wunderbar hahahha!!!!

  90. Matthew Lewis

    Matthew Lewis

    4 maanden geleden

    I did the 25x83 and got totw Pogba sczezny mertens Gomez and mendy

  91. Spria


    4 maanden geleden

    YOU are a legend, mate!

  92. Jonathan Aitken

    Jonathan Aitken

    4 maanden geleden

    Where is the MTG at mate? And get this legend to 1 mil

  93. Johno Pohno

    Johno Pohno

    4 maanden geleden

    Love your vids mate been watching since 2019 and won’t stop keep on going to 1 mil bunderba

    • Andrei Ginju

      Andrei Ginju

      4 maanden geleden

      @Vihan Chugani Wunderbar

    • Vihan Chugani

      Vihan Chugani

      4 maanden geleden


  94. Luca Skills

    Luca Skills

    4 maanden geleden

    I rate the hair 👍

  95. Carmel Reilly

    Carmel Reilly

    4 maanden geleden

    Every other NLcamerasr:Hello everyone Reev:hello ladies gentlemen and sausages

  96. M RM

    M RM

    4 maanden geleden

    Inform Salah + another inform and 6 walkouts from my 25 83+ pack

  97. Finnegan Dobbels

    Finnegan Dobbels

    4 maanden geleden

    😅😄 just packed Messi from a gold upgrade!

  98. Philip O Sullivan

    Philip O Sullivan

    4 maanden geleden

    I did the 85 by 5 and got Ronaldo

  99. Cara Cruttenden

    Cara Cruttenden

    4 maanden geleden

    With fodder u get u should get freeze Marquinhos

  100. Aryan7


    4 maanden geleden

    I genuinely respect you reev you play the game with no useless excuses like others it’s soo relaxing to see you as well ❤️keep it up reev